Guarantee of Lease 
Lessor: Milestone Management
Contact: Richard Shepard (512-345-2978)

     I shall guaranty the rent and any charges that are incurred pertaining to the terms of all lease agreement(s) at 
    407 West 38th Street, Unit #:        ,  Austin, TX 78705 
    The lease begins on (Start date):                .
    The total rent is to be paid in monthly installments of $_______. 
If the lease is renewed this agreement applies to any and all lease's by the lessee

To Be filled out by Guarantor

    I shall guarantee 100 % of the rental amount of $_____ /month during the term of the lease.

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone
Social Security
Drivers License
Date of Birth



Guarantor's signature 


Mail To: 

 Milestone Management
 P.O. Box 27605
 Austin, TX  78755